We’ve upgraded our systems!


MEMBERS: Online banking with It’sMe247 is live. Please re-enroll now.

Click here for It’sMe247 Online Banking enrollment instructions

  • When you log in for the first time on It’sMe247, your username will be your 9-digit member number.
  • Your initial password will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security number + your 4-digit birth year
  • You will be prompted to set a new username and password during enrollment.

Click here for instructions on how to enroll in our new Telephone Teller system.

  • When you call Telephone Teller at 833.MYPFCU1 / 833.697.3281 for the first time, you will need to enter your 9-digit account number
  • You will be asked to enter a pin, which is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • You will be prompted to change this pin the first time you call in.

With our systems upgrade, we’ve moved to the latest online and mobile banking technology and introduced new features that will make managing your money quicker and easier. We know you have questions about the upgrade, so we’ve created the FAQ below to try to cover everything you may be wondering about. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back often.

You can also learn more by watching this short video, which provides an overview of It’sMe247:



Here are some frequently asked questions about our systems upgrade. If we missed anything, please email us and let us know!

Q: Why is the upgrade happening?
A: With our systems upgrade, we’ll be moving to the latest online and mobile banking technology and introducing exciting new features designed to make managing your finances quicker and easier. At PFCU, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and services for our members. As part of this, our systems upgrade will streamline and simplify services, incorporate the most current technologies and remove inefficiencies. All of this results in a better experience for you.

Q: What can I look forward to with the upgrade?
A: Here are some of the improvements we’ve rolled out:

    • New look and feel: We’re introducing a new look to our online account access and mobile banking. You’ll notice in the mobile app and on the website in the login area something called It’sMe247. This is part of our new systems for accessing your accounts online and will offer you a user-friendly and secure way to log in. With our new systems, you will also be able to jump between multiple accounts without logging out. The new systems will allow you to have a single sign-on, meaning you’ll access all PFCU services with one login. This includes remote check deposit and other convenient features. 

    • [NEW!] Improved security with biometric login options: With the new app, we’re introducing new security features, including biometric login with a fingerprint or facial or voice recognition on mobile devices enabled with these features. If your debit card becomes lost or stolen, you’ll be able to manually lock the card until you find it. You’ll also be able to set text alerts to track transaction activity.
    • [NEW!] Text banking: With the upgrade, we will be introducing the option to bank by text message on your mobile device. Instructions will be added here soon.
    • [NEW!] Debit card control: If you misplace your debit card, you’ll be able to log into online account access or via the mobile app and opt to turn off or shut down your card. If you find your card, you can go into the system and turn it back on. This gives you more control of your card and provides you with greater peace of mind if your card is lost or misplaced.
    • [NEW!] Virtual Strong Box: With the conversion, we’ll be adding a Virtual Strong Box (VSB) with free data storage space for securely saving your electronic files. You’ll also be able to save any PFCU transaction receipts in your VSB. You will access your VSB via It’sMe247’s online or mobile app. You will also have the option to purchase additional storage space for uploading wills, trusts, and other important documents. Please be sure we have your current email address on file to use this new feature. Watch this video to learn more about all Virtual Strong Box has to offer PFCU members:


    • New Telephone Teller number: After the conversion, our new, easy-to-remember Telephone Teller number will be 833.MYPFCU1. If you enjoy using this method of account access, please make a note of this new number (our main business number will remain the same: 847.MYPFCU1 / 847.697.3281. Please note that you will need to re-enroll in our Telephone Teller system to use this feature. You can find Telephone Teller enrollment instructions here.

Q: How will PFCU’s Virtual Branch change?
A: Services associated with our Virtual Branch, including online account access, mobile banking and mobile check deposit, will continue with the upgrade under the new name It’sMe247. We will no longer be using the name “Virtual Branch.” In addition, members will now use a single login through It’sMe247 to access accounts, whether through a desktop computer, the mobile app, or mobile check deposit. All of these services will be integrated with one sign on.

Q: Will my member number and password change with the upgrade?
A: Although your 9-digit member number will not change, the suffixes we use with different types of accounts will change. In addition, your username and password WILL change with the new It’sMe247 system. You will be prompted to re-establish your username and password when you enroll in the new system. Although you’re going to have to re-enroll, you can use your previous PFCU username and password when you establish your login information in the new system. 

Q: Where can I find my 9-digit member number?
A: On your statement, your 9-digit member number is likely masked. Your full member number is the 5-digits from your original credit union plus a 4-digit prefix that varies depending on where you opened your membership. If you only know the last five digits, you will add one of the following prefixes:

  • New Trier Federal Credit Union in Kenilworth: 1100
  • Barrington Area Educators Credit Union in Barrington: 2200
  • Niles Township Schools Credit Union in Skokie/Morton Grove: 3300
  • VAMCO Credit Union in Des Plaines: 7700

For example, if you opened your account with Niles Township Schools Credit Union, your 9-digit account number will be 3300XXXXX (the Xs are the old 5-digit number).

If you’ve tried to enroll unsuccessfully after identifying your member number, please email our Member Services department or call us at 847.MYPFCU1 / 847.697.3281 and we can help you find your member number.

Q: What if my account number is only 2 digits?
A: If your member number is not 5 digits but rather only 2, 3, or 4 digits, simply add extra zeros after the 4-digit number for the office where you opened your membership. For example, if you opened your account with Niles Township Schools Credit Union:

2-digit: 3300000XX

3-digit: 330000XXX

4-digit: 33000XXXX

5-digit: 3300XXXXX. Again, if you’re having trouble identifying your member number, please email Member Services or call us at 847.MYPFCU1 / 847.697.3281.

Q: What is NOT changing?
A: Bill pay is NOT changing with the upgrade.

Q: Will my automatic and recurring payments and transfers change?
A: Yes. Here is the revised schedule:

  • Scheduled deposits (credits) to your account will occur in the morning of the scheduled transaction day. This is NOT changing.
  • Scheduled payments and withdrawals (debits) from your account will now occur in the evening of the day they are scheduled.
  • Scheduled automatic funds transfers (periodic payments and transfers from your account) will be completed in the evening of the day they are scheduled. You will see this reflected in your account by the next business day after the scheduled transaction day.

Q: How will my payroll deposit be affected by the upgrade?
A: There will be a slight change to the time of day when payroll deposits are made for the month of June only, when they will be credited to accounts by 9 a.m. After July 1, payroll deposits will go back to being posted around 4 a.m. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: How will account access change going forward?
A: You will need to re-enroll in our new online and mobile banking system, It’sMe247, as well as with our Telephone Teller system at 833.MYPFCU1 / 833.697.3281. Read enrollment instructions for Telephone Teller here and for online account access with It’sMe247 here

Q: I’m trying to access multiple memberships. How do I do this?
A: First, you will need to go through the enrollment process for each of your PFCU memberships in It’sMe247. Then, contact the credit union for the final step to link your memberships. Once you have done this, you will be able to access all your accounts under one membership and jump to other memberships connected to yours in It’sMe247.

Q: How can I get into my full Visa® credit card account?
A: Access to your Visa credit card account through It’sMe247 Online Banking is temporarily unavailable. We’re working hard to get access restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Where can view my eStatements?
A: Unfortunately, members will only be able to view eStatements after July and will only be able to view the June statements onward when logged in to It’sMe247. However, if you need to see a copy of a statement from prior to July, please email creditunion@mypfcu.org and someone can assist you.

Q: Where can I find images of my cancelled checks?
A: Members will only be able to view cancelled check images from June 1, 2019 onward in It’sMe247. However, if you need to see a copy of your cancelled check, please email creditunion@mypfcu.org and someone can assist you.

Q: Telephone Teller is asking me for a 3-digit account suffix. Where can I find this?
A: To complete certain transactions, such as transfers between your accounts, you may be asked to enter an account suffix. For the list of suffixes, go here. For Telephone Teller, the most common suffixes you will need to use will be the share savings suffix (000) and the checking suffix (100 – 104). Note that most checking accounts will have a suffix of 100; if you have multiple checking accounts underneath the same account number, your checking account suffix may be 101, 102, 103 or 104.

Q: Will I have to redownload or update my mobile banking app?
A: You will need to redownload the app if you use it on an Android device. If you use an Apple device, the app should automatically update if you have set up automatic updates. If the app does not update, go to the App Store and search “Partnership Financial Credit Union.” Then download the new version. If you have an Apple device, the app should automatically update; if it does not, you may need to go to the App Store to update the app manually.

Q: How do I set up my preferred login method for PFCU’s mobile app?
A: Enrolled members can choose from four different “authentication methods” by going to the “More” menu on the bottom right of the app and then tapping Settings > Authentication Options and then choosing your preferred method (Face Authentication, Pin Authentication, Voice Authenticatoin or Fingerprint Authentication). Depending on the method you choose you may need to activate this feature in your phone’s general settings if you haven’t done so already.

Q: How do I set up biometric login with the PFCU app?
A: Biometric login is a feature available with newer Apple and Android devices. This feature provides a faster way to access your accounts more securely with your fingerprint or with facial and/or voice recognition. To take advantage of this feature, first set up your biometric login on your device by going into your general settings. After you have enabled biometric login on your mobile device, log in to your PFCU account with your username and password, go into your settings and enroll in biometric login with your username and password. The next time you open the PFCU app on your device, you will see the option to log in with biometric options. Once this is enabled, you will not need to enter your username and password.

Q: How will I log in with a phone that doesn’t include fingerprint or facial recognition?
A: Once you have re-enrolled, you can always log in with your username and password.

Q: Where can I find Bill Pay within the mobile app?
A: To access Bill Pay on a mobile device, open the PFCU mobile app and log in. Then go to My Accounts > Pay & Transfer > Pay Bills. Note that when you enter Bill Pay for the first time, you will need to review and accept the terms and conditions agreement before proceeding. You can also continue to pay bills on a website browser by logging in to It’sMe247 and going to Pay & Transfer > Go to Bill Pay. 

Q: Where is Remote Check Deposit (RDC)?
A: When you log in to the app, you can find RDC, also known as mobile check deposit, by tapping the paper airplane icon on the bottom of the screen that says “Move Money” and then tapping the camera icon that says “Deposit Check.” When you go into this area for the first time, you will need to accept the end-user license agreement by tapping “I Agree.” Then tap the green “Deposit Your Check” button to get started. 

Q: How do I set up Text Banking?
A: You can enroll in Text Banking by clicking on “Go Mobile” at the top of the It’sMe247 toolbar. Then, select “Text Banking” to access the enrollment screens. Once you are enrolled, add your mobile phone number to receive a verification code and get started. You can view the various text commands at It’sMe247.com.

Q: Is Text Banking secure?
A: Yes, Text Banking is secure. You can only activate the service when you are securely logged into your online banking account. Text messages will never contain confidential information about you or your accounts. Messages will never contain full account numbers.

Q: What is the cost to use Text Banking?
A: Text Banking is a free service PFCU is proud to offer members. Please note, however, that your mobile phone carrier may charge you standard text messaging fees. We recommend checking with your phone carrier if you aren’t sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

Q: How will eStatements be affected by the upgrade?
A: Members who are enrolled in eStatements should expect to receive a paper statement with their May transactions. Those statements will be mailed in early June. When the new systems are live, members enrolled in eStatements will begin to receive eStatements again with the June statement, which should be emailed on July 1. If you had not previously enrolled in eStatements and would like to enroll with the new system, simply log in at It’sMe247 and click Info Center > eStatement Options.

Q: Will I need to order new checks?
A: No, you won’t need to order new checks. You can continue to use the current checks you have on hand. Your account number isn’t changing, so the checks you currently have should continue to work provided they include the Partnership Financial Credit Union routing number: 271989060. If, however, you are using checks with your old, pre-partnership credit union routing number, please contact us so that we can provide you with new checks with the official Partnership Financial Credit Union routing number. Please note that we will be transitioning into using this routing number exclusively after the systems upgrade. You can reorder checks from our partner Check Printing Solutions at mypfcu.org/check-reorders.

Q: How will ATM fee reversals be affected by the upgrade?
A: With the new system, ATM fee reversals will happen at the end of the month.

Q: Can we expect any other enhancements throughout the year after the upgrade?
A: Yes! We will be adding some exciting new services in the future, including Quicken® QuickBooks, It’sMe247 online access to your PFCU Visa® and First Mortgage accounts.

Q: Who should I contact if I have more questions?
A: Please call us at 847.MYPFCU1 / 847.697.3281 or email us at creditunion@mypfcu.org and a PFCU member service representative will be happy to assist you.