Credit Score/Bureau Info

Credit Bureau Info

Your credit history and information is reported by the three credit bureaus listed below. If you’re concerned about identity theft, data breaches, or someone gaining access to your credit report without your permission,
you might consider placing a credit freeze on your report.

A credit freeze is a free tool that lets you restrict access to your credit report.

It does not affect your credit score. Learn more about a credit freeze.

To help prevent fraud and identity theft you must contact Equifax, Experian or TransUnion directly.


  • Free credit report: 800.685.1111
  • Place a fraud alert: 888.766.0008
  • Place a security freeze: 800.349.9960


  • Free credit report and place a security freeze: 888.397.3742


  • Free credit report: 800.680.7289
  • Place a security freeze: 888.909.8872

For additional access to a free credit report, go to

To provide a suggestion or make comments about the Annual Credit Report Request Service, send your correspondence to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service
PO Box 105283
Atlanta, GA 30348-5283

When you give your authorization to have your credit report run from any one of the three credit bureaus, you may also be giving them authorization to sell your information to other financial institutions. You may begin to receive multiple unsolicited, prescreened offers for credit cards or insurance. To avoid unsolicited offers you can opt out by clicking the link below. You can sign up to opt out of mailings permanently and opt out of electronic offers for up to 5 years.

Opt Out