IRS Stimulus Registration

If you DO NOT file taxes, you are at risk of not receiving a stimulus check in a timely fashion. You
can access Turbo Tax for free to update your information to the IRS and receive a direct deposit.
There are as many as 10 million Americans who are not required to file a tax return. Because the
IRS will use the federal tax return to determine and send individual stimulus payments, these
individuals are at risk of not receiving their stimulus payment.
TurboTax volunteered to create an innovative solution to help this group easily get their stimulus
payment — the TurboTax Stimulus Registration (LINK to update information) product was designed
to help millions easily file a minimum tax return with the IRS, which has the information needed to
determine their stimulus eligibility. Users simply answer a few questions and then choose to receive
their payment via direct deposit or check. The IRS strongly recommends selecting direct deposit, so
that taxpayers can get their stimulus payment as quickly as possible.
The Stimulus Registration product is free of charge and can be accessed on the TurboTax Stimulus Center,
which includes other helpful tools and resources for consumers, including a Stimulus Calculator to help
taxpayers easily understand if they qualify and how much they can expect to receive.  
People that are not required by the IRS to file a tax return and do not receive social security benefits, can use
the free TurboTax Stimulus Registration product to easily provide the IRS with the information they need to
calculate and send their stimulus payment.  
Social Security income recipients do not need to take any action to get their stimulus payment, it will be
automatically calculated based on information from their 2019 Form SSA-1099 Social Security Benefit
Statement or RRB-1099 Social Security Equivalent Benefit Statement 
NOTE: One is not required to file or do anything as the IRS will use the most current information or if no info
on file, IRS would send a check-again if they filed 2018 taxes.