Important notice about Visa® credit card account access

With the 2019 Systems Upgrade, access your Visa® credit card accounts with eZCard through our It’sMe247 Online Banking system from a desktop or laptop computer.
Visa credit card accounts cannot be accessed at this time through the mobile app or through online banking on a mobile device. You can, however, open the PFCU mobile app, click on the green “PFCU Website” button on the home screen, and then scroll “Visa Account Access” to enter the eZCard website.
Note that if you do not already have an eZCard username and password set up, you will need to enroll. At, click the blue “Enroll Now” button to get started. You will need your credit card available to enroll.
Questions? Please contact us at 847.MYPFCU1 / 847.697.3281 or