About Us

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Our History

Partnership Financial Credit Union was originally founded in 1958 as Niles Township Schools Credit Union. In February, 2014 the name was changed to Partnership Financial Credit Union in order to form a partnership with other credit unions who share the same values and traditions and whose main focus is on you, our member.

In May, 2014 BAECU (Barrington Area Educations Credit Union), founded in 1956, joined the Partnership family of credit unions and in July, 2014 New Trier Federal Credit Union, founded in 1958, also joined the Partnership. We now service over 8,500 Members and remain dedicated to delivering the best products and services to offer our members.

interesting suggestionOur Mission

“Partnership Financial Credit Union is a Financial Institution owned and controlled by its members. The purpose of the Credit Union is to help meet the financial needs of the membership by encouraging thrift and offering convenient and personal services at competitive rates as our resources permit while maintaining our financial security and stability.”

The Board of Directors, Committee Members, Management, and Staff of Partnership Financial Credit Union constantly review on-going, as well as new services in order for us to offer the best financial package for our membership. When you join PfCU you become a part owner. By electing Directors from among the people you work with or have worked with, you participate in guiding Partnership Financial Credit Union to serve you- the member.