PFCU + GCU / Your Digital Services

Your Digital Services: Online/Mobile Banking, Remote Deposit,
24-hour Telephone Teller, eStatements & Bill Pay

When will I be able to enroll in PFCU’s Online Banking?
8/1/20 after 6 pm



How do I enroll in PFCU’s Online Banking?



Will my GCU eStatements be available after the merger?
Previous eStatements will not be available through Glenview Credit Union’s Online Banking after 6 pm on 7/31/20. We encourage you to save or print your eStatements prior to 7/31/20. If you need a copy of a previous statement, we can assist you. Note: Due to merger all members will receive a paper statement for July via standard mail.

Will I need to enroll in eStatements?
There is no need to enroll if you were previously enrolled in GCU’s eStatement program. PFCU’s Online Banking allows you to retain 18 months of eStatement history. If you are not enrolled, go to and log in to Online Access > My Documents > enroll in eStatements.

Do I need to re-establish my transactional/summary alerts in PFCU’s Online Banking? 
We apologize that this information does not transfer over. Any alert you have established in Glenview Credit Union’s Online Banking, will need to be re-established in PFCU’s Online Banking.

Do I need to re-establish my automatic and recurring saving and loan transfers in PFCU’s Online Banking?  
Nothing needs to be done as this information will transfer over in the merger.

Will my account transaction history be available in my new Online/Mobile Banking?  
Yes, previous account history dating back 12 months will be available in PFCU’s Online Banking.


How Do I Enroll in Remote Check Deposit? (Must establish Online Banking first)
• Log in to Mobile App
• Tap on “Move Money” paper airplane icon at bottom of screen 
• Tap “Deposit Check” camera icon

• Tap on Register, once registered you will receive an email in 24 – 48 hours letting you know you are all set

• Accept user agreement

• Tap “Deposit Your Check”


How Do I Enroll in 24-hour Telephone Banking?  
PFCU’s 24-hour Telephone Teller system offers members a convenient way to connect to your PFCU accounts using a touch-tone phone. To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Dial 833.MYPFCU1 / 833.697.3281 from a touch-tone phone.

2. Enter your 9 digit account number, followed by your temporary password, which is the last four digits of your Social Security number.

3. Once you are in the system, you will be prompted to change your password. To protect the privacy of your accounts, always keep your account number and password confidential.


Bill Pay
Due to the merger, the system will be unavailable from 6 pm on 7/31/20 through 10 am on 8/3/20.

If I am currently enrolled in Bill Pay with Glenview Credit Union, do I need to re-enroll with PFCU?
Your Bill Pay account will transition over seamlessly, no need to re-enroll.

Will my Bill Pay payees and/or recurring payments be transferred to the new system?
Yes, they will transfer over as originally set up through your GCU Bill Pay.

Will my scheduled payments be processed on Bill Pay?
Yes, with Bill Pay they will remain the same.
Note to business Bill Pay users only: You will continue to have a separate sign on and be able to use your former GCU username and password.